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インターンのご紹介(New Intern from U.S. Law School )



Marunouchi Soleil Law Firm pleased to announce that we hired the U.S. Law School student as an intern starting work from July 4th, 2016 to August 5th. Sukjoon Lim (“Mr. Lim”) graduated Waseda University as a valedictorian (Bachelor’s degree in Sports marketing), currently completed successfully a 2L at the University of Minnesota Law School, which is the top 20 Law School in the states. Mr. Lim was born in South Korea, but has lived in Japan, United States, England, and China and he also can speak English, Japanese, and Korean fluently. He also has experienced major law firms in U.S., South Korea, and China.

Mr. Lim will support Mr. Saito on the international legal issues for Japanese corporations and multinational corporations on cross-border transactions and in doing business in Japan. Mr. Lim will bring our law firm to have international perspectives in order to become a global law firm.